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Sudden and untimely demise of Late Cyrus Mistry- was it a potholed related accident ?

Question by Watchdog Foundation to Shri Nitin Gadkari Ji And Shri Eknath Shinde ji ?

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As the nation mourns the sudden and untimely demise of Late Cyrus Mistry, the accident leaves a blot on National Highways Authority of India ( NHAI), which despite appointing various tolling agencies for collecting tolls on National Highways, the tolling contractors and NHAI have miserably failed and neglected to maintain the National Highways free of potholes.

Was it potholed related accident is a moot question. Becase as per the attached photo the vehicle in which Mr. Cyrus Mistry was traveling, there appears to be big pothole in front of car , which the driver might have tried to avert or so.

The Mumbai-Ahmedabad National Highway is an important highway connecting various cities including Mumbai and Gujarat, there is a lot of traffic in this area. But the empire of potholes has been created in various places on the very busy highway.

Large potholes have fallen in Chinchoti, Bapne Fata, Maljipada, Sasun Ghar, Vasai Fata, Tungar Fata, Khanivade, Foyara Hotel etc. These potholes are increasing day by day. In some places the potholes are about two to four feet wide and more than six inches deep. Because of the growing potholes, drivers have to do a lot of exercise while traveling. As it is a highway, vehicles are coming at high speeds and therefore in all probability accidents can occur if the potholes are in sight to control the speed by the drivers.

As such due to the negligence of the highway authorities, the drivers have to travel on the highway at risk.

We therefore demand immediate probe into this matter and to fix vicarious liability on the concerned officials of NHAI and the Toll Contractor for their failure to maintain the National Highways free of potholes.

Watchdog Foundation

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